Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hello everyone!

I'm starting a blog, so I can communicate in a better way with all of you.
The purpose of this blog is to share my photography experiences..I would try my best to answer all your queries, and in return we all can exchange photography tips or anything 'bout photoshopping too!

-- v1nz


Amara said...

thanks for those tips above, they are really helpful.
do you use a special macro lenses for that kind of photography or just the lens that comes with the camera?

Maha said...

thanks for the blog and i will be watching u :P

::Detail*d m4cro:: said...

Thanks for taking time out and commenting here gals! :)
Amara, I use VCL M3358 closeup lens with my SONY DSC-H5 camera.

Amara said...

can you please also write about photography technique other then macro. i am very interested in photography but i don't know a lot about it, i usually shot with a point and shot camera.
your advice on photography will be very helpful to all of us newcomers

Wild*Rain said...


::Detail*d m4cro:: said...

Sure thing amara, thats a good idea..
I'm collecting blogs and tutorials from the web to explain photography in a better way and mailing some photographers to seek permission to paste the link to their blogs here.
If you guys want I can start from the basics, no problem here! :)

Faheem said...

thanx !!

thats a brilliant idea !!!

~`* Guru Vinz revealzz secretss *`~

Telkar said...

WOW Vinz .. this is fantastic Idea .. I already bookmarked your blog before commenting here .. thanks for sharing all your ideas and works here ... I will be a regular visitor from now :)

YOSUFZAI said...

Gud one...really nice to see this titurial from you...

well i want to start the photoshop learning blog for beginers who are new to the photoshop world .so i need ur help in this mean u can share ur experience and make some tuts for that if ur intrested.


Prashant Kulli said...

v1nz! That's great initiative! I looked through your flickr account and came till your blog! Awesome photographs! and excellent tips! Keep it up and enjoy colorful life :-)